Project Management
HSF offers Project Management services as part of all of its integrated services offerings. Project Management consists of all the tasks required to complete a given project. This includes confirmation of error–free translations and timely delivery of the projects. It also involves assigning of the task to various members of the team to fulfill the requirements of every project. This involves a wonderful coordination of :
  QA Specialists
A communal effort of all of them leads to successful completion of the project.

The role of PM is crucial as it requires understanding of the client’s requirement, deployment of the project, its segregation in parts and ensuring complete delivery of project matching the quality standards.  HSF understands all of the clients’ requirements and expectations and strives to get the best job done just in time.

All project details have to be enlisted and well communicated. HSF’s staff is highly equipped with proficient in house language professionals speaking all the desired languages for effective communication. We have learnt to share the pressing pressure of clients with effective communication and clarification of doubts when ever they arise. Smoothly handling the problems with flexible hours of support enables HSF to build its reputation in the international market place.
Quality Assurance Standards
We at HSF, deploy linguists who are well tested in their respective language tests by experts before they work on your translation projects in order to deliver high quality content for English as well as other respective languages.

The translator is required to complete an HSF checklist before sending us the translation project as per the official translation regulations at HSF.

Our translation projects are carried out by our in house as well as in-country native language speakers who have the required qualification and expertise for the targeted language pair.

The document is proof read and checked for accuracy by another linguist who too specializes in the subject matter. Final quality assurance is undertaken by third linguist to ensure highest accuracy in the subject matter. Translation is checked word for word against the original stuff for the appropriate terminology to ensure exact meaning to be conveyed to the reader

Translation Memory Tools enables project specific glossaries to be created for consistent language in the documentation. Discrepancies in the document can be eradicated and fool proof translations can be achieved. QA specialists cross check and double check each document before the project delivery to the respective clients.

Trust us for your translation project once and you will trust us always. Simply contact one of our Account Managers to assist you with our Translation Process and we will take care of all your translation needs.
How do we achieve Quality Ended Products?
For our translations to be of unmatched quality, we ensure that our translators:
  • Pass interviews and rigorous subject–specific language tests
  • Are language experts for their language pair
  • Follow the rules laid down by HSF
Translation Memory tools enables the features of glossaries in order to have consistent translation throughout the document. This makes the job of the translators and proof readers easy and saves considerably on the cost.  TM increases the efficiency and helps to speed up the translation process.

Depending on the type of project given to us, we will choose from the following TM tools:
  • SDLX
  • Trados
  • DejaVu
  • Transit
Translation Memory - Client Benefits
  • High level of consistency
  • Accurate Translations
  • Low operating costs
  • Quick turn around time
  • Higher time to market
How TM works?
The steps
  • An HSF client has version 1 of a software application in English.
  • HSF translates the software into Chinese:
    Our translators create a Translation Memory database for this translation: terms in English with their Chinese equivalents. Note that we can also create a TM database based on documents translated previously by other translation companies. This process is called Alignment, and involves matching previously created translations.
  • A new release of the software in English becomes available (version 2) that must also be translated into Chinese. HSF is asked to translate the update. Many terms and sentences from the first version of the software will probably be repeated in version 2.
  • Having a Translation Memory database based on the version 1 of the software, our TM specialist uses this database to analyze the new document (version 2) to find all the terms that were already translated in version 1 and are repeated in the new version of the software. The TM database is applied to the new version and the translator now only has to translate the outstanding text. The entire text is then of course edited and proofread by our linguists. The client, therefore, does not pay the full price for the phrases that were previously translated.
The savings Translation Memory can save clients significant amounts of money. Here’s a short description of the process.

Sometimes, if the terminology used in a new document is very similar to the terminology used in previous documents (which is stored in our TM database), 100 % sentence matches may occur – an identical sentence was already translated by our translators and is reused in the new document. At times, there are also partial matches of previously translated documents – these are called fuzzy matches. This means that parts of a sentence previously translated and found in the TM database can be pre–translated in the new document. All 100% matches are checked by an editor to ensure that the translation is correct in the new context. The advantages of using TM include savings on translation costs and consistency of terminology in all translated documentation.

Important Translation memory is mainly suitable for technical documentation. It cannot always be applied when translating marketing material or small collateral documents.


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